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W.S Invisible Aligners How Does It Work?

Whiter Smiles RVA LLC.

You are not Alone! Whiter Smiles RVA has teamed up with SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners to bring you a perfectly straight smile! Book a consultations and have an expert help you throughout the process of getting the smile that you deserve. When you book a consultation for your SnapCorrect aligners through Whiter Smiles RVA you will receive 50% off your impression kit and $100 off the total price of your aligners!

Answer a few basic questions about your teeth and what you would like to achieve with SnapCorrect™ aligners.

Impression Kit  (50% off)

We'll use the kit to make an impression of your teeth. The process is easy, and everything that's needed for the perfect impressions are in the box.

Upload Pics

It’s time to let your teeth have their very own selfie! We'll help you upload flawless pictures of your teeth to be sent to the doctor in SnapCorrect's lab.

Return Impression

Once your impressions have been made. We'll send your impression back to SnapCorrect's lab.

Additional Information

Sometimes, we may ask you to provide additional information to help us develop your treatment plan. Often, this just involves filling out an Oral Health Questionnaire.

Begin Treatment ($100 off)

Once you receive your first set of aligners, begin wearing them as directed. You will then receive new aligners every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the speed of the plan you choose. Before you know it, your teeth will be looking much straighter, and people will start to notice you smiling more!
Treatments range in time from 3 to 18 months. Our dental technicians create your custom treatment plan, and we guarantee the results.

Maintain Smile

At the end of your treatment, wear your retainer at night to keep your teeth in their new, straight position.

Dental Insurance Savings

Most dental insurance plans reimburse customers for a portion of the cost of invisible aligners.

Impressions are typically not covered by insurance so you can get started right away.

SnapCorrect™ is, on average, 70% less than Invisalign® and other comparable products making them already very affordable. Check with your dental insurance provider to see if you qualify for even greater savings.

Cost Breakdown

SnapCorrect™ Treatment Plan


Insurance Reimbursement


Flexible Spending Account


You Could Pay Only