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"There are Hundreds of Languages around the World, but...

a Smile speaks them all! "

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Our Story

Whiter Smiles RVA has come a long way from simply a dream to Reality! Whiter Smiles RVA was first founded around the fall of 2015, just after the owner, Kayanda Patterson graduated from ECPI University's Medical Careers Institute. She earned an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Dental Assisting and is entitled to all honors, rights and privileges thereto.

Upon the earned degree, Whiter Smiles RVA opened their doors for the first time to clients in January of 2016, servicing the local Mechanicsville Area of Virginia. After mass advertisements and many referrals about our convenient, affordable service, many consumers grew curious and tried professional teeth whitening for the first time. Nearing just a few months in business and before realizing it, Whiter Smiles RVA serviced their first 100 clients in June of 2016. 


     "As a result, today, Whiter Smiles RVA is servicing client's smiles all over the Richmond Metropolitan area!"

"We hope you enjoy our products as we enjoy servicing and offering them to you!" 


Kayanda Patterson


Meet The Owner

Kayanda Patterson was born June of 1984 and raised in Richmond Virginia, where she graduated high school in 2002 from Henrico High School. She immediately moved away to Baltimore Maryland after graduation,where she grew up as a young adult. Kayanda Patterson later returned to Virginia to pursue her education in Dentistry in 2007. 

Before she enrolled in Dental school Kayanda worked  full time in retail to support her dream and to save enough money for college.  In 2011 She enrolled in ECPI University and graduated in 2014 with an Associates Degree in Applied Dental Science
where she attended 2 years to complete.

Before exiting ECPI's dental program, she completed 380+ hours of on-site training with some of the best dentist in the Metropolitan area. Ssites. Kayanda started to notice that she really enjoyed the teeth whitening patients and how happy they were when they stepped out of the chair and smiled in the mirror, admiring their new amazing white smile. What saddened her was that she understood that there are many people who would love to enjoy an amazing new smile as well, but just simply unable to afford the dental bill.

Upon graduation and for an extended time after, Kayanda continued to work part time for the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond, where she made a great impact. In the meanwhile, she began to look forward to changing her career by applying to many ad listings for wanted dental assistants locally. She landed a few interviews, but for some reason or another not being chosen for the job.

Imaginably, frustrated Kayanda began to research other options. While researching and thinking, she discovered the answer. She started to reflect back on all of those happy patients she worked with while on her extern site. It was then that she realized exactly what she should be doing; "brightening a person's life by whitening their smile!"

In 2015, she opened her first teeth whitening spa called Whiter Smiles RVA in Mechanicsville,VA. Ever since Whiter Smiles RVA opened their doors,they have been servicing the entire state of Virginia one smile at a time!  

-Kayanda Patterson
Whiter Smiles RVA llc.

Happy Client Reviews!

Amazing service from an amazing professional young lady. She made me feel like a million bucks. Not only was she super awesome, she has also done a great job. Thank you so much Kay I love my smile now and will definitely to see you soon. 
-Melinda Lewis

Excellent service and I loved the music while I waited! I would book service again.
-Lenora Bundy

The customer service was impeccable and my results were absolutely amazing! !!! I would HIGHLY recommend if you are in the DMV area or even further to check out Whiter Smiles RVA. Everyday I wake up still in pure bliss because I have the smile I've always dreamed of and never thought I could have! This experience has totally given me the self confidence back that i need to show my pearly whites!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN WHITERSMILES RVA XOXO
-Monte Soulage

I just recently had my teeth whitening session done by Kayanda, she did a excellent job!! She explained everything from beginning to end, and my teeth came out to be even brighter and whiter then before!! If you want a whiter smile, please book your appointment ASAP, you will not be disappointed!! Thank you Kayanda you are the best!!
-Sherita Prentiss

I Had my teeth whitening session and it was a blast! Professional service in a calming atmosphere. Don't hesitate to visit for your next event!
-Tenesha Calloway

I went to Whiter Smiles for my first teeth whitening EVER and had a wonderful experience!!!  The specialist was professional and very knowledgeable  about the service she was providing.  The atmosphere was calm and relaxing.  I even fell asleep between treatments!   I highly recommend this business!
-Amber Hughes