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Because of our ALL NATURAL Teeth Whitening gel we are able to deliver Whiter Smiles to youth ages 8 -14. Whiter Smiles RVA' s natural whitening gel is hydrogen peroxide FREE and because of this, our child clients does not experience sensitivity after their treatments. Using natural whitening treatments on your young person will encourage positive self esteem all while protecting their enamel and keeping their smile healthy. By age 15 young adults are then allowed to use a stronger gel strength that contains 16% or more hydrogen peroxide and will then be safe for their teeth and it's dentin and pulp. Contact us via phone or email if you have additional questions about Whiter Smiles RVA' s Young Adult Natural Teeth Whitening Gel!

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to whiten a child?s permanent (adult) teeth; their teeth respond very quickly to whitening gel. Before whitening your child's teeth, here is a small list of things to consider:

  1. All the baby teeth are lost.
  2. All of the adult teeth are in place and not still erupting.
  3. All orthodontic treatment is complete such as braces.