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DIY teeth whitening,Sunless Spray Tanning

"There are Hundreds of Languages around the World, but...

a Smile speaks them all! "

Teeth Whitening Day Spa Services

Teeth Whitening*Diamond Smile Gems*Natural Teeth Whitening*Invisible Aligners

Laser Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look.

$149 +
*(Mobile Service Available)

Natural Teeth Whitening

Natural teeth whitening methods can be in the form of rinses, toothpastes and other methods, but instead of peroxide, these products use ingredients like baking soda, table salt, vinegar, pomegranate seed extract, silica (sand-like abrasive), crushed bamboo, and citric acid (found in lemon, grapefruit and orange oil) to whiten and brighten.

$149 +
*(Mobile Service Available)

Diamond Smile Gems

Diamond Smiles are safely bonded to your tooth by a trained dental professional. Made of gold or white gold set with diamonds or precious stones covering 1/4 - 1/3 of the surface - tiny and elegant it will enhance your smile without risk of damage or allergies.


*(Mobile Service Available)

Sunless Tans

Tans continue to be popular, especially with people who naturally have light colored skin. A rich, bronze-colored tan can not only be cosmetically flattering, it can evoke a sun-filled vacation spent at the beach or, in winter, on the ski slopes. But given the fact that exposure to the tanning rays of the sun is accompanied by skin damage and an increased risk of skin cancer, these days many people are opting for "sunless" tans.

$79 (full body tan)
*(Mobile Service Available)

Invisible Aligner Consultation

Consult with a trained SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligner specialist and complete a questionnaire to determine SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligner is right for you. Impressions will be made for your new straighter smile goals.


Teeth Whitening Parties & Events

Whitening Events is a wonderful way to save money on whitening when there is something important coming up in your life such as; a wedding, graduation,  fundraising for your favorite organization, corporate events or meetings or if you simply just want to hang out with friends. You really don't have to have a reason just get everyone together and let's have a Bleach Party!

No Matter The Occassion, We Have You Covered!

We have you covered for just about any event you can imagine. The great thing about group events is the perks of the host. If you book an event BIG or small consisting of 4 or more participating individuals, then the Host gets their 60 minute session for FREE! 

Bridal Teeth Whitening Parties.

How great are you to give your Bride-to-Be Bestie a Bridal Shower, but how much more Awesome are you if it's a Bridal Teeth Whitening Party? I'm almost sure she will be excited to not wear yellow on her special days. Imagine how fantastic the wedding portraits will be to look back on! It will be so much fun filled with tons of opportunity to play and win games and prizes for all guest attending and light refreshments to enjoy throughout the night. Don't hesitate BOOK your Bride Today!


Body Building Competitions Teeth Whitening Parties.

Competition is on and turned up, your body is looking faboulous and you're feeling great! All you need to set it all off is a sparkling white smile to show off on stage as you smile and wave capturing the audience and judges eyes as they are glued to amazing bright smile. Come take a shot at 1st Place with a amazing new smile.


Girl Night All Whitening Parties.

Leave the children, the husband and the dog at home, call up the ladies and let's have a Girl's Night Out or should I say a Girl's Night In to pamper your smile. Dressed in all white with delicious white snacks and beverages to snack at your pleasure, the night is yours to pamper, relax, socialze and even win a few prizes and giveaways. Schedule your Girl's Night with Whiter Smiles RVA!

4+ participants

Fundraising Teeth Whitening Parties.

With the demand so high for professional teeth whitening in the USA, it's guaranteed to be a great avenue for fundraising and creating donations for your organization. Book a fundraiser event and get $15.00 back on each person that participates.


Corporate Event Teeth Whitening Parties.

Have you been thinking of a great way to give back to your employees for all of their hard work and diligence? Let Whiter Smiles RVA help you with that. What's more exciting than a brighter, whiter smile? Most employers have dental insurance but the one thing that they do not cover that most people in the world would love to experience is a teeth whitening session. Stop pondering the ideas in your head because you have found the perfect gift to give...A Smile! 


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